Brenda has looked after our cat Josie for several months now. She is reliable, trustworthy and obviously loves animals, we cannot recommend her highly enough (we have referred several friends and colleagues to Brenda).
Our cat hates the car and initially, we took her to a cattery when we went on holiday. She was so stressed we didn’t enjoy our holiday worrying about her. When we returned she acted really weird for several days, so I looked around for alternatives to catteries and was so fortunate to find Brenda. We can totally rely on Brenda, whether it’s just one day or for a week. We know Josie will be well cared for and Brenda always leaves us details of what Josie has been up to whilst we have been away. Josie much prefers being at home when we are away and we now come back to a cat so relaxed she barely lifts her head to greet us.

- Kath, Steve & Josie

Brenda has walked our dog, Luigi since he was a puppy and he is nearly 2 years old. Luigi absolutely adores Brenda. Luigi is always extremely excited to see her and he can't wait to go out for a walk with Brenda and the other dogs. Every time he comes home from his dog walk, he is always very happy and settled for the rest of the day. Brenda is 100% reliable and trustworthy; she has never let us down. Very accommodating for last minute bookings for her services. Luigi has stayed with family members whilst we have been on holiday and we asked Brenda if she could come during the week to help with dog walking, the best service was given every day. Brenda is kind and sincere to all animals and people. We highly recommend her services. Thank you so much, Brenda.

- Luigi's owners

Brenda offers a fantastic service, one we simply couldn’t be without. Knowing Brenda is looking after our four cats in their own home is so reassuring. Because we now do not need to use a cattery, when we return from holiday we no longer have to put up with the baleful miaowing and hostile glares of our pets, we just come home and find them happy and well. Brenda’s visits have become even more important recently as our two sons now live some distance away from us, so being able to call on Brenda has been an absolute Godsend as it is almost impossible to book spaces in catteries at short notice.
Brenda knows our cats individually and takes time to make sure that they are not only fed but stroked and talked to. Brenda’s love of animals shines through There is also the added reassurance of knowing that Brenda is visiting your house each day while you are away. She is quite happy to water plants and picks up the mail, which is really handy. We cannot recommend Brenda highly enough, we trust her entirely; she is honest, reliable and very friendly. We moved home recently and were not sure that Brenda would be able to continue due to the distance, absolutely typically for Brenda, she found a solution, was able to continue and we breathed a huge sigh of relief.

- Gillian and Jonathan Hughes