Cat Feeding in Belle Isle

For the love of Cats and Dogs offers professional and friendly cat feeding services in Belle Isle.

Whether you work long hours, some hours or just like to get away from time to time you can relax and enjoy yourself knowing that your beloved feline friends are being well 'cat'ered for (forgive the pun). Our cat feeding service in Belle Isle makes sure Tiddles gets his dinner right on time every day.

Cats are such independent animals that they are happiest when in their own surroundings so why stress them and send them away to a cattery in Belle Isle when they can stay home in Belle Isle with their usual comforts.

We will come and feed them, clean the litter tray, give them lots of TLC and cuddles (if that's what they like), and we can also make it look like you are home by drawing the curtains, moving the post and leaving a light on.

It is a well known fact that cats sulk if they disapprove of your actions - so why incur the wrath of a creature with claws when you can leave them at home in their own surroundings and their own routine?

Let us take care of your cat in Belle Isle whilst you enjoy some time away.

Contact Brenda on 07505 101285 or 0113 2109925 to find out more about cat feeding services in Belle Isle